We live off and for the sea. It is the very foundation of our company and the most vital resource on Earth. We are aware of this and work every single day to avoid negative impact. The people around us are equally important as the sea.
MarLog is a small organisation with limited resources. Nevertheless, through small and large measures, even we can make a difference for people and the environment around us. This is a responsibility and a commitment we acknowledge. That is why we work to make things a bit better, leave a slightly smaller footprint and ensure that workers and suppliers operate a bit more safely.

We know that if we, as a company, industry and local community, fail to succeed in our sustainability efforts, there is a real risk of us eventually disappearing. To enhance value on and by the sea, we depend on the life in the sea, stable weather conditions, people who want to work in the industry and much more. Therefore, we at MarLog work towards goals rooted in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

It is crucial for us to promote sustainable growth and decent work, not only in our own business but throughout our value chain. Therefore, we work closely with our key suppliers, regularly following up to lay the foundation for achieving these goals together. Several of our products are manufactured outside of Europe, which is why we especially focus on ensuring decent wages, good working conditions, whistleblowing opportunities and freedom of association for individuals throughout our value chain. We encourage dialogue on these issues and aim to contribute to improvements, respecting the conditions of local communities.

    Goal 14: Life Below Water

    Without the ocean, there would be no MarLog. Our entire business is based on maritime value creation and thus, we work continuously to reduce our impact on the sea. We implement various measures with one of the most important being to prevent our products from ending up as pollution in the sea. We achieve this by delivering products with a long lifespan and low breakage, while closely following up on our customers to ensure good maintenance. We are conscious when working in areas close to the sea and our goal is absolute zero pollution from our own work. It is simply about culture. Additionally, contributing to the cleanup of existing pollution is an important matter to us.

    Support for Initiatives

    Despite working to minimise the impact of our company and industry on the environment every day, unfortunately, much damage has already occurred. To address this, we are proud supporters of the organisation In the Same Boat. Throughout the year, ITSB sails along the Norwegian coast to collect, remove and manage beach litter. They do this with volunteers who have dedicated their time, modern tools, experience and strong supporters. ITSB is also an important contributor to building knowledge and culture in local communities. They also actively engage in putting beach cleaning and waste issues on the political agenda.