MudMats® – strong and durable mats for land and sea. MudMat® is a heavy-duty polyurethane (PU) mat developed for use offshore or onshore. The mats can be used as subsea support, landing/positioning device or seabed/pipeline/cable protection. The design is based upon offshore experience and the need for a flexible mat for several purposes. MudMat® can also be produced with reinforcement and/or weights if requested.

MudMat® - Standard

MudMat® is a strong polyurethane (PU) mat developed for use on sea and land.

MudMat® - Reinforced

MudMat® is an extra strong polyurethane (PU) mat developed for use on sea and land.

The Mats were developed to:

  • Save time offshore where the soil conditions were soft, and objects disappear into the seabed.
  • Cleaning of objects picked up from the seabed where time consuming. Object placed on a mat requires minimal cleaning.
  • Visibility will also be better since less mud is stirred up from the seabed by the ROV thrusters.
  • Used as low friction mats during tie in where a loop/bite of the product has to slide on the seabed. This way no soil is built up in the loop/bite, causing larger pull-in forces to be applied.
  • The MudMat® can also be used for soil protection on.
    building sites

20 year expected lifetime

The MudMat® is produced in PU (Polyurethane). Certified lifting straps are integrated into the planks during fabrication, building a mat that is robust for easy handling. Extra weight can be added to increase the weight in water for subsea operations. Customer can decide color and size. A heavy-duty mat is developed for special purposes. This mat has reinforcement and extra weights moulded into the mat to increase stiffness, weight and robustness. The MudMat® has on a typical seabed with low temperature and reduced UV light an expected life cycle of minimum 20 years (given intact conditions).

Quick and easy installation

Installation of the mats is relatively simple and time efficient. The mats may be overboarded and lowered to seabed in clusters if necessary. The table gives a time estimate on installation duration.

Sub-operation Duration [min] Accumulated
Duration [min]
Overboarding and lowering to seabed 30 30
Landing on seabed 6 36
Roll out mats 5 41
Pick up and place with ROV 15 56

The installation duration of the mats is approx. 1hr. This is low compared to similar products, e.g. concrete mats, which may take 2hrs or more

Our partner - PartnerPlast

We have a close partnership with renowned plastic production specialist PartnerPlast. Thru this co-operation, we can offer buoyancy products with exceptional flexibility and durability. Established In 1946, PartnerPlast is one of the giants in the industry. Both main office and production located in Møre og Romsdal, Norway we can be certain of efficient deliveries.

Why PU Moulding?

PU moulding offers the opportunity to manufacture complex shapes in a large variety of sizes at a relatively low production cost.

Polyurethane is mixed using various component recipes and moulds are then filled using gravity. No additional pressure is required during the casting.

PartnerPlast uses a variety of Polyurethane compounds to suit your application. We can supply high performance grades for demanding subsea applications, or more affordable compounds where cost reduction is a focus. We take material traceability and testing seriously, to ensure that the end product meets or exceeds your expectations.

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