Rental of Ship Fenders

You can rent various types of fenders for use on board ships and rigs or at docks and shipyards. There is a wide range of sizes suitable for most needs and types of vessels. Most of the fenders available for rent are floating pneumatic fenders, also known as Yokohama fenders. The fenders are easy to move and have a relatively low weight, making them ideal for temporary protection and distance from the dock or ship.

How Does Fender Rental Work?

It is quite simple. Customers contact us, either with a clarified solution specification or they need help finding the best solution. At MarLog, we have extensive experience in providing solutions for various projects and vessel types. We use this expertise to jointly find the best solution for your project. This includes assessing the size and shape of the involved vessels, weather conditions and any operative limitations, such as crane capacity, point loading on the ship, etc.

Once agreed on the best solution and conditions, we proceed with preparing the fenders and any other necessary equipment. In most cases, we prefer to deliver the fenders ready to use, but sometimes, this may not be possible due to size constrictions on transport or other conditions. In such cases, we agree on whether to send a technician to commission them at your location or if you can install them yourself with or without remote assistance from us.

Usually, our fenders are delivered either on a semi-trailer, by freighter or by tugboat. Before delivery, we clarify the need for crane or truck upon delivery. If the customer does not have this available, we are happy to provide it. When delivering by boat, we usually have the option of mooring the fenders directly at the dock where they will be used.

You have free access to the fenders during the rental period, within our rental terms. At the end of the rental period, you contact us, and we arrange for demobilisation and transport.

Why Should You Rent Fenders from Us?

For projects with time-limited needs, renting equipment will in many cases be the right choice. You receive certified equipment that is well-maintained and ready to use, achieving good overall economics as the project avoids tying up capital in equipment. Additionally, there is no responsibility for maintenance, handling and storage when the project is finished.

At MarLog, we have a large equipment fleet with available rental equipment. This equipment is regularly in use and maintained, ensuring that you, as a customer, can be confident that the fenders function optimally. We have extensive experience within the field of logistics and thus, we can ensure efficient transport of the equipment, potentially saving you rental days while the equipment is in transfer. Furthermore, we have good technical competence and experience with various types of projects. Ship fenders are our expertise!

Where Can I Rent Fenders?

Our rental fenders are normally stored at our base in Stavanger, Norway, or Esbjerg, Denmark. Nevertheless, we are accustomed to delivering fenders throughout Europe – from Kirkenes in the north to Altinova in the south. We have good logistics partners who assist us in transporting small and large fenders by road, sea and railway. For customers, this means short lead times, fewer rental days and greater delivery reliability. In some cases, we have equipment deployed at other locations or local partners.

What Is the Cost of Renting Fenders?

The rental price depends on several factors, with the most important being size and quantity of fenders, minimum rental period and distance from our bases. As an example, long-term rental of a small fender can cost less than NOK 200 per day, and conversely, short-term rental of our largest fenders can cost more than NOK 10,000 per day. Often, a typical rental job with two fenders over a couple of weeks will cost somewhere between NOK 25,000 and NOK 100,000.

Feel free to get in touch, and we will give you a simple cost estimate for your specific project.

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Product specifications

Nominal size diameter x length (mm x mm) Size included chain net and tire approx. diameter x length (mm x mm) Initial internal pressure (kPa) Guaranteed energy absorption (GEA) Reaction force at GEA Hull pressure at GEA
500 x 1000 800 x 1300 50 6 64 132
700 x 1500 1000 x 1800 50 17 137 135
1000 x 1500 1300 x 1800 50 32 182 122
1000 x 2000 1500 x 2500 50 45 257 132
1200 x 2000 1700 x 2500 50 63 297 126
1350 x 2500 1850 x 3000 50 102 427 130
1500 x 3000 2000 x 3500 50 153 579 132
1700 x 3000 2200 x 3500 50 191 639 128
2000 x 3500 2500 x 4000 50 308 875 128
2000 x 4500 2500 x 5000 50 418 1188 137
2500 x 4000 3000 x 4500 50 663 1381 137
2500 x 5500 3000 x 6000 50 943 2019 148
3300 x 4500 3800 x 5000 50 1175 1884 130
3300 x 6500 3800 x 7000 50 1814 3015 146
3300 x 10 600 3800 x 11 100 50 3067 5257 158
4500 x 9000 5000 x 9500 50 4752 5747 146
4500 x 12 000 5000 x 12 500 50 6473 7984 158

Fender Service

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Sale and rental of Yokohama fenders.

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LED navigation lights and control system.


Durable mats for land and water.

FRP Gratings

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