Lopolight Navigation Lights

We have a large selection of lanterns that are perfect for all types of boats and ships: Sailboat, tugboat, motorboat, etc. In addition, we have anchor lanterns and control system for monitoring LED lanterns.

0-40 feet

Our largest market, suitable for both leisure and profesional vessels

40-65 feet

Our largest market, suitable for both leisure and profesional vessels

20-50 meter

Lanterns adapted to use all year around

Over 50 meter

Our largest navigational lights. Suitable for use on all vessels in the most challenging waters

Nav Light Controller

To easily controll and monitor your navigational lights

LED lanterns with high quality and long durability!

We are proud to represent Lopolight in the Norwegian market. As the worlds largest LED nav light manufacturer with suitable products for smaller boats, sailing yachts, motor yachts, fishing vessels, work boats, ships, Navy, as well as a market leading Nav Light Controller system, we are confident that we can provide a stylish, safe and high-quality solution to all various needs.

Why use LED lanterns instead of regular lanterns?

All our lights are built upon the idea of LED being the superior technology for long term use in marine enviornments. With LED lights there is no need for frequently maintenance of the light source, as well this enables us to make small lights. Due to the aluminium housing and epoxy potting we can also boast maybe the most sturdy lantern on the market. Our design is also flexible, that enables us to make a broad range of lights with the same design, or custom make the light that you require.

Certified and approved!

All our lights are tested and certified by though standards, and holds the wheelmark certificate, can be approved for ice, as well as holding a a broad range of other certificates.

We also offer a type approved navigation light controller system built for our nav lights. Scalable from 3 to 28 nav lights with a switch panel complying to IP67, and the possibilty to integrated it with bridge systems and both individual and mode switches makes it the perfect suit for your ship.

Who/what is Lopolight?

The company was founded in Denmark in 2001 and has its roots in yachting and around-the-world sailing. The need for a low-compsumtion nav light with a sturdy design, and the fact that there were no such alternative on the market, forced Peter Hancke to develop his own. Later joined by Jan Møller, a around the world yachtsman, the company is no a world leader and have produced over 170 000 LED nav lights for all sort of vessels, ranging from small sailing boats to Navy frigates.

Lopolight are constantly working to build the best products with following criterias:

  • Low Power Consumption
  • High  vibration safety as all components are potted in epoxy
  • Small size
  • High quality aluminium housing that makes the light very robust
  • Better HSE for the crew onboard, as there is no need to change light bulbs.

    Customized lighting plan

    For larger projects we can provide you with support when designing the vessel. We would ask you to send us the GA, which will handled with discretion, and from this we can make a proper light plan and quote.

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    Navigation Lights

    LED navigation lights and control system.


    Durable mats for land and water.

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