Sling Fenders Without Tyres or Chains

In contrast to regular air-filled fenders, we can supply equivalent fenders but without tyres or chains, also commonly known as sling fenders. This type of fender offers many of the same advantages as regular Yokohama-type fenders, but with a significantly lower weight. Sling-type fenders are delivered either filled with air or foam.

Sling fenders are often used when the primary purpose of the fender is to create distance between two objects. Air-filled sling fenders often have the same technical properties as a Yokohama-type fender but as they lack a protective layer of tyres and chains, they are more exposed to wear, tear and potential punctures. For the same reason, the weight is lower, making handling requirements simpler.

Floating foam-filled fenders are used in situations where there is very high demand for stability and minimal movement. This is often the case for lifting operations or movement of larger objects to and from barges and land. Therefore, these fenders are frequently used in specialised operations at shipyards or bases, and by larger lifting vessels. An advantage of a foam-filled fender is that they will never sink and there is no risk of explosion due to overloading.
Both types of fenders are available in various sizes with diameter ranging from 500 mm to 3,300 mm and length from 1,000 mm to 10,600 mm.

What Are Air-Filled Sling Fenders Made of?

Air-filled sling fenders are primarily constructed in the same way as Yokohama-type fenders but without tyres and chains. The fenders consist of an inner rubber layer filled with compressed air, reinforcing layers of cords and an outer layer of rubber. Handling is straightforward and the fenders can be lifted, towed, moored and secured as needed. Due to their relatively low weight, they float high in the water and can generally be handled by the vessel’s own crane.

Fenders are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 17357:2014 standard. This standard outline production method, materials and testing of ship fenders. Fenders can be supplied with or without internal continuous chains.

What Are Foam-Filled Sling Fenders Made of?

Foam-filled fenders can be delivered in various configurations, with the most common being a three-layer construction with internal continuous chains. The inner layer constitutes the filling material in the fender, typically a highly elastic EVA foam. This foam is supplied to different specifications depending on the operational requirements of the fender.

Reinforcing cords make up the middle layer and the outer layer is moulded polyurethane. This creates an exceptionally robust fender that is sink-free and withstands extremely high stresses. The use of polyurethane also ensures that the fender does not transfer colours onto other surfaces. Foam-filled fenders can be delivered with an outer layer of tyres and chains.

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