REAL Anti-Slip Products

Built and installed to avoid accidents.

Perfect for anti-slip protection of boats, ships, platforms or other places with wet, oily, icy and otherwise slippery surfaces. Click on the categories to read more about the different products in non-slip protection we offer.

Step Covers

Avoid accidents on stairs with non-slip solution.

Walkway cover

Can be mounted on all surfaces. Strong and safe!

Safe escape markers

An alternative to painting escape routes.

Ladder rung covers

Prevent slip accidents. Withstands water, oil and other slippery substances.

FRP Gratings

Non-slip, strong and light surface. Fiberglass gratings from REAL.

Stair treads

We supply steps made of fiberglass and steel.

Anti slip solutions field-proven in wet, oily and icy conditions

Do you have challenges with slippery surfaces? Our non slip solutions are made and installed to prevent and avoid skid accidents. We provide solutions for offshore, shipping and other marine industries.

One of the biggest causes of accidents and deaths – do something about it!

One third of all work related injuries are related to slips, trips and falls, as well as being the second most common cause of work related deaths. Water, oil, ice, snow or bad visibility are all causes of these incidents. This is an even larger hazard onboard ships and other moving vessels.

In association with our Danish partner REAL Safety we can provide a wide range of products that will make your work environment safer, as well as reduce cost related to LTI. All of the products are easy to install, and will provide increased slip prevention and safety.

Why buy anti-slip products from us?

Our anti-slip products are offered on a range of areas: staircases, walkways, ramps, ladders, pipe- and cable bridges, flooring. The products are produced in composite with a single moulding process that leaves no room for air in the laminate. The various products are incapsulated with film and grits made from aluminium oxide. The result as an extremely durable product that is safe to fire, and will work perfectly despite being exposed to any external material, such as oil, water, ice, corrosion or dust.

Can be delivered in all colors, and with text

All of the products can be delivered in various colours and with text (e.g. USE HANDRAIL) or logos. We are even able to provide phosphorescent colours for indoor use. All materials are tough, and can be easily cleaned by jet water washing (up to 120 bar) and different mild detergents without showing any wear.

Do you work in land-based industry, farming or fishing? Read more about our products on this page.

Award-winning markers, approved by all certification bodies

We also offer award-winning safe escape route markers. Our solution is easy to install on all surfaces and are approved by all certification agencies. When having our solution installed, there is no more need to repaint walkways as they tear down. In addition you will also have a safer are more visible surface with anti-slip. The solution is developed together with a major Danish drilling company.

All products are produced to the toughest of standards and criterias, and have top results in all available certification systems.

Real Safe Escape Route Markings – Visible and durable anti-slip safety.

Contact us for an offer – we are happy to come for an inspection!

We cover many materials and applications, so please contact us for more information. Although most products are made in standard sizes, we can also deliver in exact dimension as desired. In some cases we will perform an on-site inspection to in order to provide you with a custom quotation. All our products are also customizable to provide to all needs.

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