Fixed Fendering

This type of fender spans a broad spectrum and is typically used for berthing along port sides. Many vessels also have fixed fendering on the outer hull. The various fixed fender solutions have different characteristics and cost frameworks. Fixed rubber fenders are designed for permanent installation on both larger and smaller ports, terminals, ships and rigs. A commonality between all the solutions is that they are simple structures with a long lifespan and low maintenance needs. MarLog currently offers the sale of fixed fender solutions for all types of vessels, as well as for outfitting ports and terminals.


The most commonly used fixed ship fender. Simple in construction and installation, available in various sized. The fenders come in fixed lengths and dimensions tailored to your needs. Can also be used as port fenders for smaller vessels’ arrivals.

Arch Fenders

Also known as V-fenders. Typically used as a robust port fender with low reaction force and high energy absorption, available in various sizes. Equipped with a rubber contact surface, as well as the option to fit larger front plates as contact points.

Cone Fenders

The ultimate in port fender systems and the ideal solution for ports and terminals receiving large vessels in all weather conditions, as they exhibit extreme deflection properties and can withstand stresses even under unfavourable loading angles. Used with larger front panels for a broad and even load distribution. Produced to specification.

What Is Fixed Fendering?

In contrast to the pneumatic fender, a fixed fender is constructed from solid rubber and therefore has no internal air pressure. The fenders are either moulded or extruded and are typically bolted to a port line or ship’s side. Fixed fendering is ideal when there is a permanent need for fendering, and the extreme deflection properties of an air-filled rubber fender are not required.

D-fenders are typically suitable for use on board most types of vessels, such as offshore vessels, freighters, tugboats, workboats, fishing vessels, cruise ships and the like. Our various port fender solutions can be used in all ports, harbours, bases and terminals.

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