Yokohama pneumatic fender 70 (metric)

Size included chain net and tire approx. diameter x length (mm x mm)Nominal size diameter x length (mm x mm)Initial internal pressure (kPa)Guaranteed energy absorption (GEA)Reaction force at GEAHull pressure at GEASafety valve setting pressure (kPa)Testing pressure (kPa)Approx. fender body weight (kg)Approx. weight of net (kg)Weight of sling type type II (kg)
6500 x 12 0006000 x 11 5007063475988123175300710013 0007500
  • Fully compliant with ISO 17357 and PIANC 2014 standards
  • Comprehensively tested for material and hydrostatic pressure irregularities
  • Correctly evaluated for angular and durability performance
  • Clearly marked with all relevant identification
  • Fitted with radio frequency identification (RFID) as standard
  • Complete with up-to-date certification
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Constructed with an inner rubber layer, reinforcing cord layers and outer rubber layer
  • Thick outer skin supersedes that of a normal surface fender
  • Fitted safety valve for fenders of 2.5m diameter upwards

Additional information

Weight 20100 kg
Dimensions 600 × 1150 × 600 cm


Yokohama Fendere

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