100 m1230480
250 m1080640
500 m 1000710
800 m960760
1000 m810910
1500 m750970
2000 m6801030
2500 m6201100
Buoyancy (kgf) - weight (kg)

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The SSB850 serie is a mid-range buoy, and can be delivered with between one to five elements mounted together. The element has a cross-profile shape allowing elements to fit into each other. Standard pad eyes have a MBL of 22t up to four elements. The buoy with five elements has a steelwork with MBL 40t. Our modular buoys consists of several families of sizes, and can be chosen depending on buoyancy need and type of usage. The buoys are suitable both for permanent and temporary use. The buoys are normally sold mounted as a buoy with steelworks, but elements and steelwork are available separately at request. The range consist of different module sizes and can be mounted from 1 to 5 elements together. This combination of different elements enables precise correspondence to actual buoyancy needs. The elements have pegs for fitting into each other. Elements can easily be mounted, often aboard.

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Dimensions 112 × 112 × 182 cm


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