Spherical Buoy Ø1000

100 m405125
250 m360170
500 m 335195
800 m320210
1000 m270265
1500 m250285
2000 m230305
2500 m210325
Buoyancy (kgf) - weight (kg)

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Our spherical buoys product range has a broad range of sizes and depths. The buoys are single-piece devices, and suitable for operations and needs where buoyancy requirment are modest. Sizes up to Ø450 mm have a 50 mm hole through the buoy, trough which a rope or wire can be threaded. Pad eyes can be mounted as an option. The holes are also suitable for manual handling. The Ø800 mm and Ø1000 mm buoys have a Ø110 mm hole, and are most often delivered with pad eyes.

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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm


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