Round Ladder Rung Cover

These ladder profiles can be mounted directly on the ladder rungs – regardless of material, shape or width.

It is European quality fibreglass with embedded silicon carbide stones, which gives the steps almost indestructible durability and slip resistance. Just as also the visual security, which here is significantly better.

We can provide both round, channel and diamond profiles in three sizes designed to fit the existing ladder rungs. They can also be ordered in three different widths.

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Ø20 mm x 300 mm, Ø20 mm x 400 mm, Ø20 mm x 500 mm, Ø25 mm x 300 mm, Ø25 mm x 400 mm, Ø25 mm x 500 mm, Ø30 mm x 300 mm, Ø30 mm x 400 mm, Ø30 mm x 500 mm


Yellow, Black


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