Surface3000 (3500)1130 (590)
100 m2600 (3100)1540 (960)
250 m2200 (2700)1910 (1340)
500 m 2000 (2500)2100 (1520)
800 m1920 (2400)2200 (1630)
1000 m1880 (2400)2200 (1670)
1500 m1680 (2200)2500 (1880)
2000 m1430 (1920)2700 (2100)
2500 m1280 (1780)2900 (2300)
Buoyancy (kgf) - weight (kg). Figures in parentheses are element only.

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The most commonly used large modular buoys, both for permanent and temporary use. Available in all depth ratings from surface to 2000 meters. For surface buoys, AIS, radar reflector and light system can be provided as an option, with a normal detection range of four nautical miles. The steel work has a MBL of 85t. Our modular buoys consists of several families of sizes, and can be chosen depending on buoyancy need and type of usage. The buoys are suitable both for permanent and temporary use, and are extremely strong and durable. Mechanical properties remains even subzero temperatures, suited for arctic conditions. It has a lower repair frequency and hence operational cost reduction, with a flexible material that gives a high degree of shock absorption, color durability. The buoys are normally sold mounted as a buoy with steelworks, but elements and steelwork are available separately at request. The range consist of different module sizes and can be mounted from 1 to 8 elements together. This combination of different elements enables precise correspondence to actual buoyancy needs.

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Dimensions 234 × 234 × 291 cm


Yokohama Fendere

Lopolight Lanterner