FRP Stair Tread

For stairs that are exposed to either oil, water, ice, grease or chemicals, this FRP (GRP) step is an optimal solution for both indoor and outdoor stairs. Real Safety sells the fibre steps in two different mesh sizes (MESH) and two different lengths and widths.

Stair treads made of fibreglass are made from our well-known European-produced fibreglass, which ensures a well-documented product of extremely high quality and durability. In the surface of the fibreglass, silicon carbide stone fragments are encapsulated to provide optimum friction. Only at Real Safety can you buy this type of fibre grate, which is also IMO certified. They can even be supplied in two different mesh sizes (MESH) depending on the requirements to minimize the risk of dropping small elements.

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1000 mm x 312 mm x 38 mm, 1000 mm x 274 mm x 38 mm


31 mm x 31 mm, 13 mm x 13 mm


Yokohama Fendere

Lopolight Lanterner