The industry is in growth, as well is MarLog. After a year with steady growing activity, we have taken on a new team member. Nikolai Bakker is employed as our new Maritime Sales Representative. The young, man born and raised in Bryne outside Stavanger, will be our expert on all our different products, as well as visiting current and potential clients or conducting other sales promoting activities. Moreover, he will be the one running our marketing.

Nikolai considers himself a true lover of the ocean, with a former professional sailing career. The last years he has worked in the leisure yachting industry. Being raised in a region that has been a hub for the oil and gas industry, he is proud to be working with people and companies that has created a considerable foundation for earnings, employment of tens thousands and engineering that has created some of the most advanced and impressive technology available today.

In his time off, you can find Nikolai either out or in the mountains hunting along with his dog. He is married and has a young son. With a keen competitive spirit, he is still competing occasionally in sailing, resulting in different titles over the last years.

We are looking forward to having Nikolai as a part of our time. Soon enough many of our clients will also get to know him. For his contact information, please see our Contact site.