On March 21st, a new chapter in Norwegian pilotage history was written. Floatel Endurance, a semi-submersible accommodation and construction support rig, was taken to shore by remote pilotage from Fedje West pilot boarding. MarLog was involved in the operation as the agent for the rig owner, Floatel International. Due to the unique challenges that the COVID-19 outbreak represents, the operation found solutions that have never before been executed in Norwegian waters, according to the pilots involved.


To avoid danger of infection it was decided that the pilots would not board 106m DP3 accomodation vessel, while it was underway to CCB Ågotnes on the west coast of Norway, coming from operation on the Martin Linge field. Instead MarLog was in charge of chartering a large vessel (BB Ocean) that two pilots could use as a working platform to safely navigate the rig to shore remotely. The operation went very smoothly and the rig was safely berthed at CCB, by an excellent team work among all involved parties. Due to the vessels propulsion system of 6 azimuth thrusters at 3500kw each and manoeuvrability, there is no need for tugs even in relatively windy conditions.  The rig is equipped with a variety of facilities to accommodate up to 440 persons and is now awaiting time for departure back to work, connected to the Martin Linge platform.


Once again MarLog is proud to be involved in such major and challenging operations and we would like to thank Floatel International for this assignment.


Photo: Jan Magne Fosse – Chief Pilot Bergen

Floatel Endurance / BB Ocean at CCB