Few people have been working at Dusavik Base longer than Skipper/CEO at MarLog, Magne Grønnestad. Since 1980, he has been working in different companies, and since then have become known for his social and very outgoing personality and the fact that he is not afraid to call them as he sees them. After 40 years at work at a base that has had a major influence on the Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry, Magne has become a familiar face to many.

Press cut from 1980 where Magne volunteered to drive to Florø to deliver two drill bits to the rig “Sedco 704”. At that time, it was not possible to send items of 92 kg on airplane to Florø.

The start at Dusavik Base in 1980 was working in the forwarding division at NorSea. This in an era when it was not necessarily easy to provide logistics for an oil industry in full growth. In 1980, Magne was promoted as the leader of the forwarding division. The same year NorSea decided to sell the forwarding and ship agency department. With this S.L.A Spedisjon was established, as an subsidiary of C. Middelthons Spedisjon. Magne was offered the position as manager in S.L.A., and thereby the steep learning curve continued.

When asked how the work methods has changed since then, he reminisces.

– Hugely. The communication started with very stationary home telephones at the office, personal calling system and a 15 kg heavy “mobile phone” only used in the on call service. Written communication had to be done by typewriter and telex. All documents had to be hand delivered, or sent by post. In addition, there has happened huge changes to the base itself. Dusavik Base is the second Norwegian supply base to the NCS, and has grown, evolved and changed in accordance with the growing oil industry. Since then it has been an example for all later supply bases along the coastline.

After many good years employed in S.L.A., there was in 1997 time for change. Together with two other partners, MarLog AS was established. Magne thinks back on the decision to start an own company.

– Obviously, we had no guarantee for success. However, we believed that our new business model where we would provide maritime services and products, combined with long experience, good competence, focus on quality and proper service would be successful. We also decided that we would make the development of new IT technology an competitive advantage.

Thru out the years in Dusavik, Magne and MarLog have been involved in a huge amount of projects, with a broad range. Magne and colleague /partner Geir Røyneberg, that also has played a major role in MarLog’s history, reminisces on spectacular operations.

– We have been lucky to be part of many exciting projects. From delivering emergency communication equipment to the shut-down of Ekofisk II to comprehensive logistical operations in connection with berthing of rigs and vessels, and other offshore operations. All the time new challenges that we found good and quick solutions to. What I appreciate the most is all the amazing people I have meet, amongst both customers, partners and colleagues. In this industry, there is only skilled, pleasant and solution-oriented humans. Together we have delivered Consider it Done! time after time. It has been great to experience the team spirit thru out the whole supply chain in the maritime industry.

Christening of the vessel Esvagt Contender in 2008
Dusavik Base approximatly 1980. Photo: Stavanger City Archives

All though, times has not always been easy. Especially remembered is the crisis in 2016, which came after an all-time high in 2015. With the exception of 2019, this is something we still feel the consequences of. In familiar style, everything is however not black painted.

– But even though times are hard, it is not always for the worse. We have gone thru a major “makeover”, where many stones have been turned, new resources have been located, and we are now in the process of rolling out MarLog 2.0. In this version, we will focus on products, new and existing agencies, together with a major focus on marketing on the home page and social media. Of course, we will continue with all types of ship- and rig berthings, together with logistics and procurement services. Stay updated on our website, which is continuously evolving. I am looking forward to the exciting times we have ahead of us, and have great belief in both MarLog and Dusavik Base. Our company is at full speed into a new era, which I hope both new and existing customers will appreciate. Our expectations are high for MarLog 2.0, and we are looking forward to the next years.

Regarding the main person himself there is only one certainty – in 2024 Magne Grønnestad will be 67 years old.

– I expect to be in the game until that. If I’m allowed, he says and smiles.